Command performance

March 20th, 2006 at 8:49 am by james

It happens frequently at weekends that, while out and about, I’ll need to take Josie to use the local facilities. This weekend was no exception.

After a week of intermittent snow it was a beautiful weekend and we spent the latter part of Sunday afternoon in the park. Having fed grain to the ducks and pigeons and tired ourselves out a little on the climbing frames it was time to hit the gents in the tea room.

Now at this stage Josie is no stranger to urinals (and knows they’re not for touching) but these ones had little green blocks in them. “Dad, what’s that?” [peering over the edge staring intently and pointing]
“That’s a little thing to try to make the urinal smell better Jo.” Men start hurriedly leaving.

We find a vacant stall and, inevitably, Josie going brings on the need for me to follow suit. But am I able to take a quiet pee in the stall? Oh no. With flies down, the door is flung open behind me:
No Daddy, you have to go there!” gesturing at the row of urinals.

She proceeds to pick out the one for me – the one with the best viewing angle of course – stands next to it shoulder to the wall and right temple to my left hip, peering in, and at the critical moment yells “Daddy, is wee going to come out?”
“Yes, darling, give it a minute,” as a gentleman emerges from the stall we’ve just vacated: “Excuse me, are these your gloves, you left them …”

One of the great things about raising kids is the complete absence of the mundane.

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  1. kerry Says:

    this really made me giggle, thanks… tim & i had to shower together in an ablution block on the weekend, and i am seriously not going to replay that conversation to anyone i’m not related to. the lady in the next stall showered v quickly, and i think ran to her tent in her towel to escape my (perceived) embarrassment

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