March 13th, 2006 at 5:49 pm by james

The lady sitting opposite me on the train tonight has her phone set up so that each key she hits emits a different xylophonic note.

When I boarded she was with a companion or I might have been forewarned, but no sooner had we left the next station (at which he alighted) than she settled her glasses on the end of her nose and began carefully to compose a text message at a pace a one-fingered typist would have laughed at. Bing. Bong. Plonk. Bongbongbong …

She’s still at it two stations on and, what’s more, because she has her back to most of the carriage the people turning around to look think it’s me. No doubt playing an archane 80’s game remade for mobile.

It is so much easier to bear intrusive noise on the train when blogging about it.

There she’s finished. I’m sure I heard lots of deletes. Either that or lots of elipsis I guess. No matter, it’s over now. You have a good evening. I’ll be hanging mirrors, painting and taking up carpet.

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