It’s the one in the middle

February 25th, 2006 at 1:11 pm by james

It was good to spend some time with Pete & Ros at Cefani. Particular highlights were playing bat-and-ball and frisbee with Pete and the wonderful time Josie and Sophie had with Ros. On the last night Josie was playing her name game: “Who’s that?”
She was Ros and Ros was Josie.

Nothing, though, was quite as spectacular as Pete doing 360’s on the paddle ski in the lagoon. Well, not quite doing as such …

When we we were called for boarding at the airport in East London to fly to Cape Town we dutifully queued and gave our passes to the gate attendant who waved us out onto the tarmac to walk to our aircraft with a cheery, “It’s the one in the middle.” We’ll suggest it as an approach on our return to Heathrow. “It’s the fourth on the left Sir. Do mind the engines …”

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