Under the influence

February 12th, 2006 at 8:54 pm by james

I’ve just moved from home to an hotel where I will be spending the rest of the week honing my influencing skills. I promise to return absolutely incorrigible.

The change of scene is good for me. I’m really missing The Three, but a really very good dinner this evening in a beautiful hotel has helped shift my focus. I’ve been out for dinner on my own before and found it to be an alternately lonely, disturbing, even traumatic experience. On each of those occasions, though, Michelle was no more than a few hours drive away rather than the current 8,000 miles. And of course the most poignant instances occured in late adolescence, so this could just be a product of age. This evening I happily entertained myself evesdropping on a pair of divorcees with the most outrageous 70’s hair (they’d spent the day in the spa and clearly received some poor advice regarding permanents from a stylist). They were discussing their various blind dates. New stylist … dates who can see … who knows, there might be a correlation.

I’ve just read my father’s tribute to his mum and am battling to focus the old eyeballs as a result so please excuse any typos …

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  1. Ben Says:

    The old man did a good job didn’t he…

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