I’ll survive

February 6th, 2006 at 8:20 am by james

I didn’t blog yesterday but I have survived the weekend. Mostly by eating curry as it happens. I figure there’s no bacterium that could survive more than 30 seconds on something that hot so my odds of being ill (through poisoning) were small.

I did also (I know you’re concerned) eat breakfast and lunch. Well, on Sunday I did. Having found myself unequivocally awake at 5am I thought cooking breakfast was as good a thing to fill the time as any.

The Three landed in Cape Town safe and sound yesterday morning. Sophie slept pretty much all the way. Josie only slept for an hour and a half (the hour and a half Sophie was awake) but, I’m told, was very good. She watched a lot of unsuitable telly. “Mummy, this is not a nice story” as she watched The Curse of the Were Rabbit through twice.

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