The most incredible piles

January 18th, 2006 at 8:38 am by james

Work over the road is moving on at pace. The site levelling was complete just after New Year and in the last few days BCC Services “the piles specialists” have arrived on site.

They are, as you would expect, drilling enormously deep holes, dropping steel I-bars down them and filling them with concrete. What you wouldn’t expect is that the only disturbingly noisy part of this operation occurs when the drill operator tries to shake the clay off his drill by switching very rapidly between forward and reverse emitting a metallic clank of a magnitude that double-glazing is powerless to dampen.

I thinkhis clay-shaking tactic is a sneaky ploy to gradually increase the noise levels as build progresses so that when there are sixty builders on site in a couple of weeks we don’t even notice they’re there. And certainly don’t complain.

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