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January 7th, 2006 at 9:49 pm by james

michelle and jo at the natural history museum

During the week we promised Josie that we’d go on a train together this weekend, a very exciting proposition. Of course if you’re going to get on a train you need somewhere to go, so last night we decided we’d take the girls to the Natural History Museum. When Josie discovered this morning that not only were we going on a train, but we were going to see dinosaurs she was practically beside herself.

We had a really good time at the museum and, although a little shy, Josie held her own on the T-Rex viewing deck which was just a bit freaky. She’s learned how to roar like a T-Rex. Those tiger roars she used to do were cute; she’s got the right idea now.

We took a long walk back across London to give the girls a chance to sleep. We had the little stroller for Jo to sleep in and a Baby Bjorn for Soph. It was a beautiful misty afternoon, very cold and good for walking.

When I put her to bed tonight Jo and I were talking about the day. She wants to go to see the big dinosaurs again. She also wants to fall asleep in the little pushchair again. What was her favourite part? Finding a little dinosaur in her lunchbox of course …

On the way to the station this morning we were musing that when she was Sophie’s age Josie had travelled on trains, planes, boats, buses and cars and had visited Italy, Spain and South Africa in addition to various parts of the UK including many trips to London. Today was Sophie’s first trip to London. It’s certainly different second time around.

Pics from the day in the gallery.

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