January 4th, 2006 at 9:44 pm by james

We were at the park on Monday and Josie wanted to inspect the buds on the chestnut trees as usual. She knows all about Spring – of course she does, she has a book about chestnut trees and what happens to them at each stage of the year. Everyone knows all you need is a book and a little self confidence.

Probably more significantly she knows that Spring, when the new leaves come out on the trees, is when Willows Farm will reopen, the little animals will be born, and is when she’ll see Mark, Sarah and Elspeth next.

The first challenge in The Inspection of the Buds is to persuade Jo to pick a tree which leans far enough over the stream to provide a reasonable likelihood of her staying dry. When this hurdle has been negotiated each bud must be touched to check for stickiness whilst keeping up a running commentary worthy of Attenborough. “That’s right Josie. And what’s going to come out of the buds in Springtime?”

Oh yes, she’s got Springtime taped all right.

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