Burning issues

December 18th, 2005 at 11:22 pm by james

On Wednesday I needed to go out and get some things so loaded Sophie and Jo up in Phil and Ted’s Most Excellent and headed for town at a brisk pace.

A couple of hundred yards from the house Josie started saying, “No James, not this way.”
“Why my darling? Where do you want to go?”
“Not this way.”
“Why not this way, Jo?”
“There’s fire.” (Pointing staright towards where the Hemel fire had been)
“No, Josie, that fire’s gone out. There’s no fire anymore.”
“Yes there’s fire. Over there.”
I swear she could see it. She was so focussed and anxious that I was convinced something nearer by was burning. I started searching the skyline and buildings in that direction for signs of flames. Eventually …
“No Josie there’s no fire anymore.”
“Stop Daddy! There’s fire. We’ll get burned and go to hospital.”

How did she put that together? There’s been no footage – hardly a mention – of casualties in the Hemel fire and we’ve not been concerned by it .

Much discussion of the spreading of fire and the role of firemen ensued before we continued on our way to town. Without, I’m relieved to relay, resorting to that ages-old fire-retardant trick of pulling a buggy snuggle completely over one’s head.

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