November 26th, 2005 at 2:11 pm by james

There are good things and there are bad things about improving language skills.
“Out of way Mum! Need to see telly!”
“Did I hear you say please?”

It’s been a frenetic week – loads happening at work and all of us recovering from colds in turn. There’s been lots I’ve wanted to blog this week but haven’t; here are some bits I shouldn’t have missed …

The lake froze over again early in the week. Pics to follow when we’re home. In the ongoing cold snap it’s been a week for staying indoors as far as possible. Cabin fever culminated in a manic Michelle-and-Josie ribbon dance on Thursday afternoon. I worked from home on Friday to help nurse them back to health.

Congratulations Clare and Nick on the birth of Sarah last week! May she be a great blessing to you and everyone whose life she touches.

And belated happy birthday to Ben the day after little Sarah.

I must make time to blog, it helps keep me sane. We’re visiting Phoe, Nin and Emma today. Sophie-sitting while everyone else is out for a walk provides this opportunity to write.

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