Beautiful day

November 18th, 2005 at 8:48 am by james

It’s one of those crystal clear winter mornings which simultaneously freeze my face off and fill my heart with joy. It’s also Friday, which doesn’t freeze my face off but probably helps with the other thing.

I got the girls up this morning when they woke and the timings were such that I had the very rare opportunity to spend half an hour chatting to Sophie alone. She really is the most startlingly eloquent infant. The amount she can convey with her eyes alone is staggering. And so beautiful.

Jo was up a couple of times in the night and, for my part, those were far less eloquent encounters. After much tummy rubbing on the second occassion I realised with a start that she’d actually been asking for a dummy and was right then thinking, “Oh for goodness sake, what’s the daft bugger up to now? Send me my Mum!”

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  1. gill adlard Says:

    I’m dying to meet my beautiful new grand daughter. jenny harkness popped in with Abby and Luke to tell us that her 9th crandchild had only just arrived, Sarah Chadwick. She came to us to bath Luke who is a stunningly handsome little chap, before they all went to meet the new arrival. Abby( from New Zealand) was veeeery impatient to see Sarah, But Jenny wanted to give Clare a while to recover before they arrived. Love Mom

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