Rise and shine

November 9th, 2005 at 2:34 pm by james

sunset in cannes

That’s a yesterday evening pic; it’s a little cloudier today.

Something’s up with my body clock. I didn’t set an alarm last night because I decided I probably need some sleep but I woke, wide-eyed, at 6.30 (which is 5.30 UK time). This is most unlike me. I proceeded to have a good breakfast. This is most unlike me. I had time to wonder down to the beach before the first sessions of the day.

I’m reminding myself of a me I’d almost forgotten.

I’ve just chatted with Michelle; Sophie is still very ill. Michelle’s picked up a very sore throat too and Jo woke up three times during the night, so it’s intense disruption all round. I find it very frustrating not being there to help. Mind you, if I was I would almost certainly be the leading invalid …

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