November 3rd, 2005 at 8:23 pm by james

Today, spurred on by Poppins-esque visions of Michelle being towed across the windy sky behind Phil & Ted’s most excellent with two small children in it, I encouraged her to break her rule about never spending all day at home. It was very windy today. And rainy. And miserable. It was quite dry in the office, which was nice; Tuesday was damp and we couldn’t have the lights on so it was dark at 4.

I find wind disconcerting. Of all weather it’s my least favourite, unless it’s sporadic and accompanied by really heavy rain or thunder. Perhaps it’s that it’s impossible to find quiet on a windy day. I tried a local Starbucks with an underground downstairs section for most of this afternoon. It wasn’t quiet, but neither was it windy, and I got my business plan done.

Jamie Oliver said on telly last night that winter savoury is good for wind – talk about a well-timed broadcast.

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