Grumpy mornings and the wormhole

October 24th, 2005 at 9:59 pm by james

We all had a good night’s sleep last night. What’s amazing is the effect that a good sleep has on the potency of the wormhole that disguises itself as our shower. I always wake up grumpy; a state for which I blame 5am piano practices as a child. You would be surprised how much damage ivories do to your forehead as you drop off in mid arpeggio, but I digress … I always wake up grumpy, but when the “shower machine” (requires fingers making inverted commas in the air) is working I get under a hot shower and step out into a completely different day, full of fresh air and fluttering autumn leaves. When its not working I get under an equally hot shower but step out onto the cold floor thinking, “Oh shit. Here we go again.” Some days I never get out of the shower. My mind languishes under the hot water, breathing in the steam, imagining that as the stress ebbs from my back and shoulders they’re actually straightening out. Meanwhile my hunched body tramps to the station in the cold dark out of pure mindless habit. As it happens my body can fool a lot of people without my mind needing to be anywhere near it. Perhaps another post for another day …

Last night was a good night, though, with the result that we all had a great day. Josie decided that this afternoon was for dancing so dashed upstairs to get her dancing dress (pictured previously and now a firm favourite despite mum’s best efforts). Michelle got some cracking clips of her singing and dancing. After that it was time to get out the scissors and glue and bits of paper and make pictures. I’m sure she only makes them to entertain me when I get home …

There was a trip to the library today too so I had some cool new books to read before bedtime tonight. “One snowy night” is great, not that I’m wishing Autumn away, mind.

If anyone has a Mira electric shower guide that’s not missing the section on how to maintain the wormhole please let me know.

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  1. Tim Says:

    Happy Birthday. Like the idea of the climbing wall. Boys loving ours, so am I. Typing one handed while grappling a wriggling screamer. Better try another position.

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