Autumn: When the stripy does the harvest dance

October 9th, 2005 at 9:37 pm by james

josie dancing in car boot dress

Not only do we get nutso clothes from our own grannies, we get them “thrown in” from other people’s too. That’s right, we started the day at 8am at a car boot sale (I’m pretty sure my day started substantially later, but Michelle assures me I was there). The dress above was the bonus in two sacks of winter clothes in Josie and Sophie sizes. Jo found it at the bottom of the bag Michelle had hidden it in. “Oh! Lovely!“: It is, she proclaims (as if it isn’t obvious to all) a dancing dress. She’d unfortunately seen a group of young flamenco dancers earlier with an instructor clapping the beat, so insisted that one of us clapped to keep her dancing. I’d always wished she’d come with a remote, now I’m not so sure.

That was the last car boot sale of the season, it’s officially Autumn.

The Three are all poorly. Sophie has her first proper cold and spent much of the day quietly gazing into the middle-distance through red slit-eyes. She’s a mean bargaining partner at a car boot sale. She spent the rest of the day yelling, throwing up and certainly not sleeping. Michelle’s feverish, in pain and on antibiotics. Josie’s teething, but otherwise in fine form. I have, suitably fortified with G&Ts, made it through the weekend in fine health. Now I just need to make sure that if I get whatever they’ve had I get over it before next weekend. I did manage a little Autumnal gardening today amidst the other bits. There was a pile of shrubs displaced by the deck-man which needed planting out, and a fair bit of garden to clear to make space for them.

Josie’s taken a liking to pots of pureed fruit, which we let her have occasionally as treats. It would appear that her gut’s not used to such fine nutritional value, but perhaps I’ll make that the subject of another post.

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