I feel much better now

September 21st, 2005 at 10:11 pm by james

Thank you all for your kind words of commiseration. I feel much better now.

While we’re in the swing of things we’re having a run of medical interventions; Jo was at the doctor today, Soph has shots tomorrow, Michelle’s seeing the doctor tomorrow and I’m seeing the dentist. Does the fun ever stop?

The deck is starting to go in – pic below, and yes, there is a wheelbarrow and a steel-frame table parked smack bang in the middle of our precious little patch of garden. Never confuse hard landscapers with gardeners. If it’s green and soft enough not to knock you out cold if you run into it then it might as well be invisible. I’m looking forward to the deck. I’d taken holiday next week to lie on it (with patio heater if necessary) but:

  1. I’m not sure it’ll be finished, particularly as I’m going to ask the deck-man to start again in the morning because he’s used nails instead of screws, and
  2. I’m going to spend next week putting a new floor down in the hall and living room, probably returning to work in aching agony rather than well laid (did I say that?)

Very.very.funny post from Zoe, and also heard from Brent today and linked his site on the roll.

Here’s progress at close of play today:
deck going in

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