Just so we’re clear

September 15th, 2005 at 9:56 pm by james


This is a skip.

Both deck-man and skip arrived and worked hard all day. The fence starts going in tomorrow, then it’s decking time. Just thinking about it exhausts me. Goodnight.

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  1. Ben Says:

    OH! Thanks for the visual aid. So a large rubbish bin then. I know I’m sounding like a complete idiot but I obviously have to be educated. Who owns the skip then, the deck guy or the city..? I’m curious. Bloody pommies, have to have special names for everything, which no one else can understand. Next you will be calling taps, spickets; or post, mail.

  2. james Says:

    No, spickets are something else entirely.

  3. james Says:

    skips are usually owned by hire companies (sorry, corporashunz – not sure of your preferred spelling) who have a yard full of them, a few trucks to deliver them and pick them up, and a way of legally disposing of the waste. They usually charge by the week and business is booming.

  4. Ben Says:

    Corporashunz? How about color or aluminum? I had a prof in college ask me if I wanted my papers marked via international spelling or US. (He was Iranian and came to DC via Harvard and Oxford. Don’t you hate those people?) Who ever thought of leaving out a vowel for good measure.
    Got to take the dog on a walk.

  5. gill adlard Says:

    What’s all that in the skip? Have they decimated all your garden? Which fence have they removed? This is all getting too too in trigueing for words!!!

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