Week 36

September 11th, 2005 at 5:01 pm by james

It’s a drizzly Sunday afternoon – my favourite kind. I have a very good red wine breathing and I’m sitting in my corner of the living room with Sophie on my chest in the Baby Bjorn while Josie plays with a tiny dolls house acquired at the morning’s car boot sale. That’s right, we had two kids fed, dressed and at a car boot sale by 8am on a Sunday morning. Fortunately at that time it was a misty Sunday, not a drizzly one. In return for being maniacs we did get loads of kids clothes for a quarter of what we might have paid on eBay with the added advantage of being able to pick and choose. Interesting trend, isn’t it?

OK, now I have a crying baby on my chest and a toddler trying hard to put on a pair of tights under a tutu which is completely obscuring her view and evidently causing some frustration. Excuse me a minute …

There, that’s better. Josie’s setting up grannies on the road of her play village and driving over them with a post van; Sophie’s settled for the moment. I’m not sure whether I should be addressing the family or the traffic issues. I think I’ll opt for helping her make the grannies stand properly so they fly further.

So what did you miss in the week I didn’t blog?
Michelle has new glasses which are, and I quote, “Pretty cool.” I had my eyes tested for the first time ever and was quite shaken when my right eye was blocked and the bottom two lines of the test chart immediately went hazy. What I’d suspected was proved and the prospect of actually needing glasses leapt into focus – a substantially different proposition to just thinking about how cool they might be. As it happened I read the third-last line and then the bottom two lines were more-or-less back in focus. I have an optional prescription and a referal to an opthalmologist because of a small haemorrhage in the back of my right eye. Could be caused by vigorous sneezing I’m told … can’t imagine how it might have come about in my case.

Two warnings for anybody who’s never had one of these (eye exams):

  1. They have a machine that blows puffs of air into your open eye. Hard. Like being struck. It’s not like a fairground attraction at all, unless perhaps you’re watching me sitting in the chair.
  2. When they check out the inside of your eye they use a little scopy thing with a light on it and get really close while you’re trying to focus on the middle distance and can only see the light. Some people, who shall remain nameless, are overwhelmed by the urge to kiss; I found it alarmingly reminiscent of the surgery scenes in X-Men. Shadowy figures behind bright light well within your intimate personal space. She gazed so long into my right eye I was sure whe was damaging it in order to make a sale.

Moving swiftly on …

Josie and Eslpeth at the Big Space

The next-best highlight of the week was when the Three met Sarah, Mark and Elspeth at the Big Space as they were on their way South to go camping. I got phone pics at work of them having a great time.

Now I’m going to see if my brother and sister-in-law in East London are still alive (seeking telephonic confirmation), and if so tell them we’ll be visiting in February.

On Tueday the decking man cometh!

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