They seem benign

September 3rd, 2005 at 11:01 pm by james

The picture below belies the Nature of Things. Last night started late and ended early and those two seemingly benign two-year-olds in fact have more energy beween them than is to be found in a collection of four adults. We know this.

We all set out at precisely the right time this morning to ensure we got into the new play park, Big Space. We know we got it right because as we all arrived we passed Sebastien walking in. That place is wild, there are pics in the gallery. There is a mammoth slide with door-mats to slide on and when they polish it up everyone gets airborne going over the bumps. At one point I thought someone was breaking the sound barrier going down the slides, but it turned out to be a sixteen-stone bloke hitting the deck after the bumps. One of the great things about Big Space is that parents don’t need to feel guilty about playing too. In fact you can happily keep sliding while your toddler takes a break, goes for a pee, or sinks into an exhausted stupor. I can also recommend diving full-length into the ball-pit. Best check for bottom-dwelling kiddies first …

Josie and Elspeth had a fantastic time. Sophie contributed by throwing up prolifically, which only went to show how excellent the service is. The whole area was steam-cleaned within ten minutes and the staff were entirely supportive and friendly.

We all went to town and then to Wagamamas in the afternoon. Josie and Elspeth are accomplished noodle eaters.

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