Early to bed, early to rise

August 27th, 2005 at 7:31 pm by james

In the knowledge that health, wealth and wisdom matter to us all I thought I’d remind you that tequila helps with the former and caffeine – plenty of it – with the latter.

Of course, you might get enough physical exercise in your day and live somewhere the hours of daylight are designed to support the initial premise. A farm in Ah-frika for example. Which reminds me – you won’t believe this – that phrase came up in interview the other day. One of my stock questions is why the interviewee is interested in working with us. This particular candidate started off with, “Well I grew up on a farm in Africa …” with his sideways-glancing-I’m-playing-my-ace-now-are-you-listening face on. He obviously hadn’t recognised my accent, which admittedly five years on is substantially lighter than his thirty years on. I was absolutely stunned; here was a Karoo boy sitting in front of me telling me that sheep farming in the Free State half a century ago predisposed him to work with me.

I suppose we all have our reasons, although I suspect his farm in Ah-frika predisposed him to every job he applies for. Ummm, how did I get to this point? I ran out of tequila last week, so it’s not that … oh well, later doods

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