Highjumps and petrol

August 26th, 2005 at 9:34 pm by james

If I thought that the mere fact of living abroad would render him immune to prosecution I would publish Tim’s pictures, taken with camera and motor-drive, of his oldest son flinging himself from the top of the toy-room wardrobe. It’s a tricky one, that, isn’t it? If you stop your child from jumping neither one of you gets the adrenalin hit; if you try to catch him you both get the hit but one or both of you certainly winds up in hospital. Telling him to wait while you fetch a camera is a great solution.

Leaping out of the top of cupboards has something of a history in our respective families; I’m pretty sure Tim and I did some cupboard jumping, although while I think I can remember climbing to the top of his mum’s cupboards I can’t remember the jumps. MGW bent her first steel bedframes leaping from the tops of wardrobes. Malcolm had the good sense to jump onto beanbags, which at least had the potential to explode into a gratifying shower of little white bobbles.

I’m not even going to start on lighting fires with gasoline. Didn’t you think I was good to get through a whole piece about cupboards without once refering to anyone’s drawers?

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