Fresh-faced nemesis

August 21st, 2005 at 2:42 pm by james

There was a woman in Nero’s this morning (I spent my Sunday morning in the office testing the new WAN implementation) who was alarmingly fresh-faced for that time on a Sunday morning. I didn’t look too closely because the well-built Italian barista who was chatting her up (in Italian) might have caved in my cranium with a hot espresso head.

She didn’t look like she was still wearing her Saturday night face and yet surely she hadn’t really been up long enough to create such an immaculate mask of just the right mix of vegetable fat and fine-ground glitter? And on a Sunday morning? Perhaps I’ve seen the nemesis of pharma-cosmetic conglomerates everywhere … personally I prefer the reality I found on the street where faces were bleak and just beginning to turn the corner of recovery as they passed the mid-point of the weekend and moved inexorably toward the new working week, but eyes had a sparkle because it’s a summer’s day and London’s beautiful and life is (mostly) good.

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