Two, knackered

July 23rd, 2005 at 9:21 pm by james

So how would you expect two people (who, I remind you, haven’t had a normal night’s sleep for seven weeks, have been fighting off some malicious virus for five days, are responsible for two very small kiddies on a minute-by-minute basis and are just getting into the swing of being a family of four without visitors) to spend their Saturday? Perhaps your answer would be something like this …

4am: Michelle up and ready to go to the Next sale; fortunately decides that would be idiotic and waits until
7.30am: Michelle to sales (she’s never done this before …); Josie wakes as front door closes; Dad has two screamers for two hours
9.30am: Michelle back; all go out to see if there’s a car boot sale on
9.45am: No car boot sale, opt for the Galleria
10.15: Visit the toyshop (got a great play mat for Sophie) and play on the kiddy rides; become convinced I’m suffering from something terminal just behind my right eye; caffeine and food help a bit; becomes obvious that Josie’s teething
12.00: Decide to take Sophie and Josie home for lunch
12.22: Pass an outdoor shop with tent display; U-turn; look at forty mostly-rubbish tents
13.30: Arrive back home; feed Jo and Soph; Josie to bed
13.45: Re-plan our garden (that’s right, we’ve decided against the conservatory in favour of a nice bit of deck)
15.00: Wake Josie and go to Buttles to price decking
15.25: Buttles closed, opt for the Nursery – much better for garden stuff anyway
16.05: Look at decking, plants, water features, fence panels and garden furniture; decide not enough furniture choice
17.15: Go to Homebase; disappointed
17.40: Fit in a quick grocery shop
18.10: Comatose on sofa; desperately trying to scrape together the energy required for the dinner-bath-stories-and-bed routine (and failing convincingly)

… or perhaps not.

4 Responses to “Two, knackered”

  1. Ben Says:

    What a wonderful form of birth control. I think I will print a copy so Anna and I can read it if the need arises. Cheers!

  2. gill adlard Says:

    You’ll enjoy the deck in Winter.

  3. Mark Says:

    James, I won’t let Sarah read this one!

    Elspeth has put in an order for a “baby sister like Josie”. Sarah has told her she’ll have to wait a while, to which Elspeth replies.. “maybe when I’m older”, well I suppose she is right.

    Thought you’d made your mind up on the garden already at least two or three times…

  4. Gerry Adlard Says:

    This is the kind of thing that scientists in the last century did with rats and a treadmill. For the Fruit of My Loins to volunteer for this kind of community service strikes not only a rich vein but a melodious chord in the heart. Kitchener was born too early; so was Florry Nightinghood – you are volunteers to DIE for. Now that you have learned how to do it you might consider putting it all to some kind of practical use.

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