July 21st, 2005 at 6:19 pm by james

(and not very good ones at that)

There was a bang that blew the young man’s rucksack open. Apparently he “looked extremely dismayed”. I’m not suprised – all that time invested in home bomb making and not one vestal virgin in sight. If this was heaven it looked a lot like Shepherds Bush.

When I left work I was stopped at the South end of Clements Inn by a very efficient policewoman ably assisted by a very cool bomb disposal robot which we’d heard eating a “suspect package” just a few minutes earlier.

I’ve made it as far as City Thameslink where I await a severely disrupted train service. Annoying? Certainly. Terrifying? Ummm … no, actually.

3 Responses to “Annoyerists”

  1. gill adlard Says:

    The police in London are mighty impressive

  2. Gerry Adlard Says:

    I’m very glad that you’re all safe and un-terrified. I saw some very terrified batsmen being knocked about by some terrifying bowlers at Lords today. England’s green & pleasant land looked like a war zone, spectated upon by the most extraordinary bunch of old soaks in their maroon and yellow MCC blazers and straw hats, some with wives (also with straw titfers) and flutes of wine. Geoffrey Boycott said England was getting its own back against all the bullying that Aussie bowlers had done over the previous 5 years, but when the Aussies took the ball they out-bullied the English. Fortunately England has a South African in their team, who is now their only hope in this innings. The only one who wins in these tussles is HM, which is why she stays away.

  3. Kerry-b Says:

    Good for a *giggle*, James. Thank you.

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