It’s summer again

July 12th, 2005 at 10:40 pm by james

Summer’s decided to put in an appearance again. It’s very pleasant when it does. I spent the afternoon on the Microsoft campus in Reading and the evening reforecasting my IT budget in the garden in the sunshine with a cold beer and the help of a delightful two-year-old. What more could one ask for? Perhaps the time to reforecast during the working week …

My time in the Microsoft waiting room was punctuated by breaking news of the European Vitamins Directive. I found out later about the dawn raids, arrest, and seizure of explosives in Leeds and the controlled explosions at Luton. The bombers came right through St Albans on their way in last Thursday. How could that not have been all over the news, constantly? Surely vitamins could have waited …

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  1. badlard Says:

    Was following the news this morning on NPR (National Public Radio). I do appreciate the way the police there are going about their business and not causing a huge hooplah as happens on this side of the pond.

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