We won!!!

July 6th, 2005 at 9:31 pm by james

I was crossing the Strand outside Pret having had a quiet sandwich with a friend when the Red Arrows rocketed overhead straight down Fleet Street towards Trafalgar Square trailing red, white and blue smoke letting us all know that in 2012 we’d better all be sports-mad or somewhere else.

So do you think olympiclets.co.uk will pay off the car or just enable us to rent our house out in 2012?

I read what is possibly the best post I’ve ever read on Dooce today (post of Tue, 5 July). I clearly betrayed the fact that I wasn’t working by the tear in my eye. Actually, I was reading it on my phone in Pret over a mid-afternoon coffee that was desperately required just to get my brain functioning in anything approaching a useful manner (see previous “treacle days” post).

Josie began potty training in earnest today. I burst in with my, “So where are my girls?” yell after work and was presented, immensely proudly, with the most enormous poop-in-potty-with-weewee-jus. Simply delightful. She’s doing very well – great joy derived from tipping it into the toilet and watching it flush, then tearing downstairs for Pingu and a treat. Quite a few treats today with much resultant bouncing off the walls.

She also had a group of friends around – an unusual experience for her, they usually all meet up at the park or at toddler group. It seems sharing is much easier when it’s someone else’s toys that are being shared. We never really change do we?

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  1. Kerry-b Says:

    Ho hum. I’m just having a “maybe I should stop slacking and start potty training my boys” moment. It passed quite quickly with the following excuses: they’re twins (and there ain’t two of me), they’re boys, I’m pretty sure they’re younger than Jo, is it really necessary and it can wait until summer. Phew. Close one.
    Re: treacle days. Beautifully put. Mine are kinda Lead Days. When your head and legs feel like lead. Mine are usually a combination of: I’m dog-tired and I hate this job.
    Hope today’s better…

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