My favourite place in all the world

July 2nd, 2005 at 9:05 pm by james

This is my favourite place in all the world today. I’m sitting outside on the grass next to a roaring fire in what’s become a balmy summer evening, drinking (the same) merlot and eating (the same) stuffed chillies having cooked and eaten a fair amount of the organic lamb, found yesterday, along with quite a lot of other things.

There’s been a huge influx of kids today. You know, the ones driving small cars with enormous stereos and big lights on the front; the ones who’re only down for the weekend so are wandering around arguing about whether if they use sunscreen they will still get a tan before they leave; the ones who are actually just here to get pissed and only narrowly miss getting laid in the stories they’ll tell their mates. It’s nice to feel like a local. Grumpy I do naturally.

First thing this morning I tore down to Porthmadog and bought that in-car dvd player and a copy of “Fifi and the Flowertots” and “A Shark’s Tale”. I realised while blogging last night that we should have bought it and wanted to get there before they sold out today. I didn’t buy the tent, but entered a competition to win a tent, four rucksacks and four sleeping bags. Hold thumbs for me / wish me luck / whatever it is you do … we could be camping yet! It won’t be a Super-Size Tent, just two rooms, but it’s a start.

Quark (beloved Laser) had her bath day today on the lawn and is now stowed snug in the garage until August. We took Jo to ride “her” pony (first thing she asked for today – third day running) and were told – horror – that it was too cold for riding. Heart-rending quiet disappointment placated with home-made icecream (for Jo) and two scones with jam and cream (for Dad) at a beautiful cafe by a stream. Over the stream was a campsite … 😀

I suppose I should mention Orange, without whom I wouldn’t be blogging from this position at all. Their service is shite – their coverage map shows 3g here but I’m getting GPRS at anything up to, ooh, 35kbps – but hey, at least I’m online without having to use a hundred-yard phone extension.

Today’s our last day in Abersoch for the moment. We hope to be back later in the year. It’s absolutely lovely (mostly due to Nin & Phoe very kindly sharing their beautiful house with us).

Update 23:04 – have updated the gallery with pics from today. NOT in bed by 11.

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