Myth of the perfect pancake

June 15th, 2005 at 10:44 pm by james

There is much confusion in the English speaking world on the subject of pancakes. As with snow, we’re limited to a single word to describe something which, if you actually get close enough for it to matter, displays startling variety. I did nothing to alleviate this confusion today, and have no doubt that having run around the house yelling, “Pancakes! Pancakes!” for half an hour Josie is none the wiser about what she should actually have been expecting.

I’ve been craving pancakes for a few days, those thick ones they have for breakfast on the other side of the pond, not the thin ones we have on Shrove Tuesday, or the tiny little ones some people call pancakes. What I produced differed substantially from the mental image associated with my craving, so I ate ten of them drenched in maple syrup and moved on.

On the family front, Michelle and Sophie were discharged by the community midwife today. All’s well. Health visits start tomorrow. Sophie has moved into her own room today and seems to have taken to it well. It’s certainly snugger, darker and quieter than what she’s been used to for the past week (but not, of course, what she was used to before that). Also Kerry noticed that Ben and Anna (aforementioned brother and sister-in-law), have the same names as the junior Schonkens. There are so many things I could say about taste and originality, but as Kerry says, they’re clearly a great pair of names.

Josie’s going to visit a pre-school tomorrow. Whenever she and I have gone walking in the past ten days, we’ve passed a little school about a block away and Josie’s wanted to go and play with the children inside. On Monday she and I went and copied down all the contact numbers from the gate and we’re going to go and visit them tomorrow. Should be fun! I hope they let her stay if she wants to and not just take a five minute tour; she’d be most disappointed not to be able to run around with the others … we shall see.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the place feels, and understanding their approach to managing the children. I think the behavioural and enculturating influence of organised education is deeply flawed, so am bound to enjoy taking my precious daughter to visit a playschool tomorrow. 😐 I think it’s just childcare on a bigger scale really, so they probably will let her climb and explore and do dangerous things … I must remember to make it clear that Josie’s favourite thing is to climb up onto the window sills and traverse them using the window-handles for support while gazing out into the garden searching for squirrels, birds, cats, basically anything that moves. I think they’ve got burglar guards on the windows there, so it should be easy.

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