Bark bits

June 13th, 2005 at 10:45 pm by james

Rom just called out of the blue. His accent has changed so much I spent the first part of the conversation trying to place a “Rob” who obviously knew me pretty well and was up to date with goings on in our lives. The penny dropped and we had a good chat. He and Sarah are in the UK for a visit and we’re hoping to get together later this week, which will be fun. Accents will change in seven years.

Josie and I spent the afternoon in the park, mostly eating the most delicious bark pieces which Josie prepared in the galley of a ship-type-climbing-frame-thingy in between climbing up the netting and sliding down the slide. She’s given up riding the roundabout, preferring to push it while Dad sits in the middle and tries to keep his lunch down. She’s figured out that if she really gets it going then runs off she can get pretty far before I’m capable of catching up.

Sophie had a very long midday nap today in the sitting room with me while Michelle and Jo had a kip upstairs. Everybody needed the rest, but of course her little body clock may have been thrown out of kilter in which case we’re in for a fun night.

I’ve felt absolutely rubbish yesterday and today and blame caffeine, which I started drinking again on Friday after several months without. I’ve stopped again, and have no doubt that regardless of the actual cause of my malaise, the fact that I’ve taken action to sort it out will make it very much better. It had better do because I think I’m going to have to clean our drains tomorrow. I have a suspicion that our dishwasher floods the forecourt every night … I suppose I could go and have a look right about now, but I’d rather live in ignorance for the moment.

I’ve just helped our (delightful) elderly neighbour to open her front door, which had seemed to be double-locked. What’s the first rule of trouble-shooting? Try to recreate the problem. Works a treat. Seems a fitting end to a day that’s been all over the place.

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  1. Kerry-b Says:

    Hey, fine family of four… Gareth told me you had a blog, and after looking a little (on Google), I found you. Cool. Great blog. Hilarious. Real. Thanks.
    Good to hear your news, and WELL DONE on Sophie. She looks SO sweet.
    Much love to all of you

  2. james Says:

    Hey! Great to hear from you Kerry – and another on the way! Congratulations! I believe the twins have started beating up their dad already, so the timing’s perfect 🙂

  3. Kerry-b Says:

    and each other… so now they’ll have another to beat up on. When they grab each other, now, we just say “great tackle” and laugh like crazy. That way there’s no tears. 🙂
    Midge sounds so well. Pls give her my best love!

  4. Kerry-b Says:

    I’d love to be “referred” by your blog. How cool. And re: email to blog thing, so great shakes, it’s just a setting blogger offers. I’m no good at code. Would love to be, but alas. Oh, and I get comments sent to my work inbox too. Like that one. Now if I could just figure out this posting pics thing, I could show you some pics of my gorgeous boys (all 3)…. Not much option on blogger – use – but I think it’s stuggling with our proxy server (like msn does).
    Oh, and G said to ask, where did you get your site from? Is it something you pay for? I love the way typepad is set up, but I’m sure it’s $$!

  5. james Says:

    I host this site with a provider in the US @ $9.95/mnth. The software I use is WordPress (link at the bottom of the page), with Gallery for the pics. They’re both pretty simple to install but need a little bit of work to configure if you want to change anything at all substantial. The site design is my adaption of the default WordPress theme, called Kubrick (link below). Happy to help if need be …

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