Bump and Grind

May 31st, 2005 at 10:10 pm by james

Well, integration of the gallery into the new site look and feel is complete, although there’s some pretty clunky css behind there. It’s just about impossible to find help online to integrate Gallery with WordPress so I’ll probably write a tutorial in the next few days. Or perhaps I should write a Kubrick-esque skin for gallery… . Next steps will be to run an rss feed from the gallery to the homepage and to set up caching on the gallery so that performance improves a bit. And of course I need to sort that contact form.

But that’s probably not why you’re reading this.

Today passed uneventfully on the baby front. Michelle managed to pinch a nerve in her back yesterday, down the pub with Pete and Ros, which sounds far more interesting than it was. She’s been pretty much immobile all day as a result, crawling upstairs to “make use of the facilities” as Kinsey Millhone always says, and bumping down again on her bum, which didn’t help her back at all and brought on agonising contractions with no obvious benefit thus far. You would think her dear husband might have helped her up and down the stairs, wouldn’t you? He was hard at work, unfortunately, society being what it is … nose to the grindstone and all that bollocks.

Michelle has retired early, hopefully to an excellent night’s rest in preparation for another day of waiting for baby. I’m working from home tomorrow to give the little blighter every opportunity to pop out with minimal panic.

We shall see …

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