Very Grateful

May 24th, 2005 at 2:52 pm by james

I have had the singular opportunity in the last two days of spending time at the Government UK IT Summit. I have emerged, like the Gruffalo’s Child, very grateful, for reasons I will leave to your imagination.

We are preparing to welcome our second child into the world this week (subject to the usual vagaries of gestation), so are doing all the usual preparatory things .. rebuilding the family website, having the bathroom redone, refitting the nursery, having a conservatory built, and that bloke is coming around at 3.30 today to quote for the fencing and gutters.

We’re really looking forward to the new arrival …

So this is the new-look website. The most obvious difference is that the front page is no longer the gallery, but a family blog which promises to be much more entertaining all round. The gallery is still around, but cut down and more manageable for those sitting behind dial-up lines on the other side of the world. The contact and about sections are finally done too. One could probably make a convincing argument that the benefits of having children are felt most keenly immediately prior to their arrival in ones house and immediately after their departure.

Enjoy the blog … all comments welcome (almost).

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