Wonderful girls …

April 7th, 2010 at 11:39 am by james

We moved into our new house on Thursday last. What incredible excitement!

When I imagined the girls coming to the house I hoped for excitement but couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t be unsettled by the experience. I wasn’t at all prepared for the singing, dancing, squealing joy that accompanied the move. We really are most-very-extremely blessed with our three girls.

It may be that five months of more-or-less continuous camping has had a not dissimilar effect on the girls as it has on us. Perhaps there is a fed-upness that contributed to their joy, but I will choose to believe that they’re just plain wonderful.

We came, as I have noted previously, to East London (not the East End: East London, South Africa; eMonti; Buffalo City) for 10 days in October and stayed. We camped until the second week of December, then house-sat two beautiful houses over Christmas. We returned to our tents in January and, with the exception of many nights babysitting with Heather and Ian, camped on until mid-March. Which was well past our FOR GOODNESS SAKE STOP! CAMPING! NOW! date. We think, in retrospect, perhaps we should have moved sooner. Retrospect is enormously entertaining but only very occasionally useful.

Which is all to say: there has been a grand adventure, and so of course a tale, which it seems will be related here in dribs and drabs.

Suffice, for the moment, to say that I am surrounded by, buoyed up by, inspired by, four wonderful girls one of whom I am married to. I couldn’t wish for better companions in this adventure that is our life.

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