Josie’s Sixth

May 3rd, 2009 at 7:46 pm by james

Josie's party

Josie had her sixth birthday party yesterday. Six. Good grief. It was great, thanks entirely to MGW.

There were cutout figures of Buzz Lightyear and a Space Princess to have pictures taken with, a hunt for moon rocks and a space kitten that arrived in its own spaceship and needed rescuing. Jo and the kitten have been inseperable since. The kitten travels on the end of a leash, stuffed into a shoe which is fitted to a roller skate. Not a real kitten, you understand.

Kids parties completely freak me out. I’m of some use at the decorating-the-party-room stage, but the event is too much for me. Something about organised activities and pre-schoolers. Is that not an absolute contradiction?

Josie loved her party and spent some time on the phone afterwards telling everyone all about it.
Josie talking to Grandpa

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