I’m not a fan of newborn pics

September 8th, 2008 at 7:17 pm by james

but here’s a relatively tasteful one for those of you who sort of are:
Baby Adlard III

Our little girl was born at 9pm last night, 90 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. The birth was traumatic for her and she took a while to adjust, with a very poor apgar at 1 minute, getting better as time progressed. She spent the night in the high care unit on a drip and monitors and by this morning everything was as it should be.

She’s feeding well now and we expect to be all-at-home-together tomorrow.

We’ll settle on a name when we’ve spent a bit more time with her.

MGW is an absolute rockstar.

8 Responses to “I’m not a fan of newborn pics”

  1. Melanie Schonken Says:

    Oh yay!! Lovely news – congrats on the new arrival, guys! Been thinking of you a stack lately…
    Need a close-up shot so I can do her colours for her – never too soon to start 🙂
    Lots & lots of love to you all
    Mel Phil Benanna

  2. james Says:

    Hey Mel! Great to hear from you. Close ups to follow.

  3. Anna Says:


  4. Ben Says:

    Yes, hooray! Well done Michelle – I echo your hubbies sentiments. Glad the little one is doing well.

  5. Mark Says:

    Congrats guys…. x

  6. sarah cox Says:

    Well done! CONGRATULATIONS! and welcome!

  7. bridget Says:

    soooo gorgeous … making me broody for no. 2!! well done, pleased mom and babe are healthy …. B

  8. james Says:

    Thanks everyone – nice to hear from you Bridget!

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