Pooh Bear turns 5

May 6th, 2008 at 3:02 pm by james

Josie turns five

The party began before the sun rose. The two wunnerful li’l things woke and crawled into Mum & Dad’s bed just five minutes before the doorbell went off, in the pitch dark, to signal Granny & Grandpa’s arrival. Birthday cake was never meant to be consumed before sunrise, but one makes sacrifices for one’s children.

At 8.30 I took The Three (and a half) to the airport to go and visit Granny Heather and Grandpa Ian. The only thing that could have made this birthday better would have been for it to be a BIG plane, not a LITTLE plane. And to have had more (any) friends at her party. Tricky, given the allotted hour.

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