Josie buttered the remote today

September 12th, 2007 at 6:12 pm by james

Ummm … well … you see I didn’t know what would happen.
Ah. OK, fair enough. Want to learn how to clean a remote?

6 Responses to “Josie buttered the remote today”

  1. Sarah Cox Says:

    How do you clean a remote?

  2. Ben Says:

    Nice to have you back on the blogosphere

  3. james Says:

    Thanks Ben.
    Sarah: Preferably quite far away from four-year-olds. Take the batteries out, remove all the screws you can find. Lift the face off. Remove the key pad and clean it with something dry. Reassemble if you can find all the bits, or phone PartMaster for a new one.

  4. Mark Says:

    Sarah, did you take notes? That’s the cleaning of the remotes sorted, now for the rest of the house!!

  5. gerry Says:

    In our next lesson we shall learn how to jam a remote.

  6. james Says:

    Our sponsors must insist at this juncture that nobody ask of Gerry where, precisely, he would like to learn to jam a remote.

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