Happy Birthday to Josie

May 7th, 2007 at 6:07 pm by james

Jo turned four (this many: one, two, three, four) yesterday. We drove up to East London for the event as she’d been missing Granny Heather terribly for some weeks. It was a beautiful 12 hour drive with very little traffic on the roads.

We had a party yesterday morning with deneal and keagan and matt and tim and ant – and of course their associated adults. There was a spectacular ballerina cake thanks to Granny Heather. We were also finally able to give Jo the gifts we’d bought for last Christmas but had been in storage at the time. We had a lot of fun.

When I rang Jo from Jo’burg airport just before bedtime she said her favourite part of the day was swimming with Tim and Matt.

Pics to follow when I’m back home.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Josie”

  1. gerry Says:

    I have often dreamed of getting a balerina in a birthday cake – but with all respects it was never going to be Granny Heather.

  2. Deneal Says:

    the cake was quite something!

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