the plot thickens

February 5th, 2007 at 9:14 pm by michelle

today i discovered that all the sanding i did on my knees was worthless, hadnt scratched the varnish – completeley without point. i had to go and rent a sanding machine and enough sand paper that i could almost not lift the roll. R800 worth of roll.

i always find it interesting to step into a man’s domane, and very thretening, those places that change tyres, mechanics, electronic supply shops. the hire shop was no different. lots of men, lots of tools and machines and not a freindly colour or soft furnishing in sight. i wished i had worn something more masculine than my dirty black polo shirt. they were all very sweet (i think i earned a certain amount of respect for having tried to sand the floors on my knees and was treated without any patronisation.) showed me what to do etc etc.

we finally got started around 4. gerry did a superb job of sanding the edges to a beautiful smooth finish (hope he doesnt notice the edging i did when he had left which isnt quite up to spec). Paul sanded the middle of the room(after we had spent an hour trying to get the ruddy thing to sand level – twiddling the screwy thing in and out in and out) and we were all done by 7, well the lounge any way. carol said we had to stop cos it was too loud. it was very loud – my ears are still ringing, so i will take ear plugs tommorrow.

at last it feels like i am getting some where albeit very slowlyand covered in a thick shroud of dust. so thick it looks like beach sand banked up in places. and the bag on the sander that is suposed to collect 85 % of the dust doesnt. maybe 40%. maybe.

spend an hour at sophies new physio today which was lovely. sophie really enjoyed it which is good seeing as we will be going weekly. i got some great ideas of way to excersize various parts of sophs body. eager to put them into practice i filled a bowl with soapy water for the girls to blow bubbles (i know some of you are way ahead of me on this one) jo sucked, drank water, drank milk, ate a coconut square then spewed all over the kitchen. point taken.

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