Soft focus

August 8th, 2006 at 7:08 pm by james


Sophie is developing in leaps and bounds. Or at least at a manic shuffle-pace. She’s now developed quite a vocabulary and will call for her sister at the top of her voice from pretty much the moment she wakes, just after she stands up in her cot and calls for Mum.

She has developed the bum-shuffle into an art form:

  • The wobble-shuffle is what’s required when both hands are full – with a doll and an apple for example. It requires immense heel-strenth as the heels are used together with a well-timed torso wobble to drag the body forward. If she ever takes to rock climbing she’ll have a mean heel hook.
  • Then there is the gorilla-jog, which is designed, like Dubya’s walk with hands perpendicular to sides, to deliver maximum visual impact by filling as much of the target’s field-of-view as possible. Knuckles are on the floor in front for balance; propulsion is delivered primarily by the calves being extended and pulled back to roll under the bum. This is the one used when trying to scare Josie off a favourite toy and also when coming over for a cuddle.
  • My all-time favourite, though, is the galloping-bum-bounce, in which she propels herself diagonally with the assistance of strong thrusts of the leading arm, resulting in truly impressive forward speed but necessitating a complex tacking manouvre to ensure the objective is ever reached.

Her absolute favourite thing in the day is the moment after her bottle at night, when she’s had a cuddle and a burp and Dad says, “Bedtime.”
She leans back with a beautiful smile on her face and half-closed eyes waiting to be put down and tucked into bed.

Like father like daughter …

4 Responses to “Soft focus”

  1. Ben Says:

    So glad Sophie is doing well. Tried to acces MumsNet with no result, did they shut it down?

  2. james Says:

    Nope, not shut down. Latest statements from both sides are on their site.

  3. gill adlard Says:

    Sophie sounds such a darling, can’t wait to see the bum shuffle. She’s not allowed to walk until she gets here.
    Mumsnet I wish I’d had that when you were a baby, didn’t know the first thing about babies and if not for Hendrika my weekly char you probably would have starved,because the Mowbray Maternity midwives only allowed babies to suckle for three mins on one side and 5mins on the other. Hendrika was horrified and advised suckling as long as baby wanted, and so began a successful breastfeeding mum. Love you all

  4. gill adlard Says:

    Please could you put on a video clip of Sophie bum shuffling. We’ve got one of Jo crawling and would love to have soph as well. Love Mom

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