Nou ga’die kak spat

June 20th, 2006 at 9:52 pm by james

I resigned yesterday. Time for a change. Time to refocus. Time for some time.

Our intention is to spend some time in Cape Town letting the girls get to know their grandparents, giving Michelle the space to pursue some of her interests which motherhood seems inevitably to put on hold for a while, doing some consulting (I think) and enjoying a year without a winter.

We’ve instructed our solicitors such that the house sale should complete shortly before my last day at work, which will leave us – for the first time ever – entirely debt free and with a little capital stored away.

If you’re one of our many good friends reading this before we’ve had a chance to speak to you don’t be offended – we just decided last Tuesday. Come and stay with us while we’re there!

Of course we’re around for a few months yet and only intend to be away for a short while. If I trusted the Road to lead us directly back here without any diversions or adventures en route I’d say, “We’ll be back soon.”
I don’t. Whatever happens, though, you’ll find the detail here …

8 Responses to “Nou ga’die kak spat”

  1. gill adlard Says:

    Yah! I,m going to see my grandbabies, I,m going to see my grandbabies, I,m going to see my grandbabies. Yahoo!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Enjoy the adventure!

  3. anna Says:

    thrilled! so very thrilled for this decision. happy adventures in capetown – you’ve just made Gill’s year, I believe. we’re very happy for you…(and not a little envious) anna

  4. gerry Says:

    What a wonderful surprise! We shall love having you all in Cape Town! Thank you!

  5. Ben Says:

    Free baby sitting – what a pleasure. Thrilled for all four of you and yes, very envious…Ben

  6. Peter Says:

    Seems if you’d stayed at Aberstwyth you could ave retired early…?! It doesn’t rain down money here…;-)

  7. Mel Schonken Says:

    Wow, that is a “biggie” and it’s left us all reeling…
    Decisions like this make us all question whether we really want to raise our children here in the UK away from dear family. We regularly contemplate what it would be like to move back to the homeland of the rusk.
    We will be examining your every move very closely (a la heroic pioneers/guinea pigs)!
    Wishing you guys well and we’ll miss you (despite only meeting her once, Ben counts Josie as one of his “best friends”)!

  8. james Says:

    Thanks Mel – we must get together in the next short while. Not sure if you had a stop-off point in Cape Town before, but you do now 🙂

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