Measured progress

March 24th, 2006 at 8:43 am by james

It’s Friday and as a gesture of extraordinary magnanimity I shall write about the girls instead of the superficial workings of my mind.

Sophie has made remarkable progress as we’ve concentrated more on exercises advised by the OT in Cape Town. She’s eating lumpy food and throwing herself (rather than just the contents of her stomach) about quite vigorously. We have a referal to a local physio practice and it’ll be interesting to see what they advise on the low muscle tone issue with the progress she’s making.

Josie has found a basket/occassional table that she can completely fit inside. Great delight. She’s also very adept at swinging by one or both arms from her trapeze swing or any shelf that’s just out of reach. Her climbing ability and natural sense of balance continue to amaze me. Her favourite book at the moment (discounting Don’t put your Finger in the Jelly Nelly) is about oceans and fish. It’s deadly dull so I make up the story.

That’s it on this grey, wet Friday morning, next station stop is mine. We’re going to spend the weekend with Mark, Sarah and Elspeth. I hope Yorkshire’s sunnier than London!

3 Responses to “Measured progress”

  1. Mark Cox Says:

    James, bright blue sky, crisp fresh air, spring making an appearance at last… only that was yesterday!! Drizzle and mist today- the forecast is 14 degrees and sunshine and showers tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you all.

  2. james Says:

    Nothing like a refreshing spring shower to get the heart racing. See you tomorrow!

  3. michelle Says:

    just so every one knows
    james is ill – the reason he sounds so blue at the moment
    he is always the most positive i love every season of the year type of bloke but when he is sick ……
    hope he feels better soon…. xx

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