8000 miles to maggie-the-dog

January 13th, 2006 at 8:50 am by james

Jo is beginning to really look forward to flying to South Africa next month. She and Mum have chosen their seats and, I’m informed, “You can come on the aeroplane too if you want. There’s a seat for you too.” I’m trying to get her to understood that I’ll be on a different plane two weeks later. She’s not quite there yet – I’m hoping she understands that well before we get to the airport.

She is, however, making progress on seperating out her grandparents and their various dogs in her mind. She’s always been very definitely flying 8000 miles to visit maggie-the-dog. She’s progressed now to visiting two Nannies, two Poppas and two maggie-the-dogs. The excitement’s almost more than she can contain, as evidenced by the patches she’s worn bouncing on the sofa.

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  1. michelle Says:

    actually it sounds more like pompas to me – not poppas and 2 maggies which i think comes from there being a maggie the dog and a meggie (my granny no mine no mine no mine mom!!!!) so who knows what or who she is expecting to meet and how many legs she thinks they will all have ??!!

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