All change

August 17th, 2005 at 8:25 am by james

Michelle introduced a new evening routine yesterday – always risky, but this seems to be paying off in a big way. We got a little bath seat for Sophie and she and Josie had their first bath together at about 6 yesterday. They both loved it – when I got home they were splashing in the bath together – and, importantly, the conflict in bedtimes was removed with Sophie going down while Josie played downstairs. Until now Sophie’s gone down while Josie’s bathed, and if Sophie hasn’t been well asleep by the time Josie’s got out of the bath they’ve disturbed each other. Sophie only woke once in the night, Josie woke up this morning and spent a bit of time singing to herself in bed rather than yelling for Mum, and Michelle and I got to spend a long evening talking on the patio.

We also decided last night on a decking and fencing quote, so that should all kick off in the first week of September I think. The weekend’s drain work has paid off unexpectedly in dramatically improved neighbourly relations (on the other side) and we’re now at an advanced stage of plotting the renewal of the neighbourhood.

Pics of bathtime when I get back home tonight …
[22:08] pics now in the gallery

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  1. Kerry-b Says:

    Don’t you just LOVE it when a plan comes together! Congrats on only 1 “wake” and holding thumbs it lasts. When that happened to us, we didn’t change anything in the routine (time, shampoo, where the boys sat in the bath etc) for about a year. Just to make it happen again and again.

  2. michelle Says:

    it happened again!!
    yes last night for the second time they bathed together then slept together till about 8 (jo singing in bed again this morning) and me only having to feed sophie at about 3 this morning – and only cos i went in to feed her!!! so heres hoping it wont be long before i wont have to 🙂

    o and to add to the story – not only did the girls love bathing together- when jo (using the little blue watering can in the pic) poured water on sophs tummy (against my warnings) soph not only smiled but laughed for ages at the same joke repeated over and over… and then last night , once again against my wishes (yes she asked) sophie thought it hilarious when water was poured on her face!!

    so i think ill stop interfering if i can and let them get on with life only sticking my oar in to prevent the loss of life or limb – or something like that – if ican 😉

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