Kids, Cuddles and Kew

July 9th, 2005 at 10:04 am by james

New pics in the gallery.

Heather visited Kew to see the glass sculptures during the week with Phoe and Nin. Just one pic in the gallery – there are many more on Kew’s website. Phenomenal stuff …

Everyone’s safely back home as of yesterday. The Three drove to Richmond to pick up Heather yesterday.

Potty training is proceeding apace – could be done by the end of the weekend! It’s a rainy “summer’s” day today – don’t know what this weather thinks it’s doing – I think we’re headed for a playpark, a set of massaging loungers, and a shirt-shop. In that order.

3 Responses to “Kids, Cuddles and Kew”

  1. badlard Says:

    Please give my regards to Fukwit – I do believe I just heard Mr. Nash roll over in his grave.

  2. james Says:

    🙂 no doubt

  3. james Says:

    To anyone who’s wondering: the above comments relate to a post written last night that I’ve decided to make private. It was a hash of Ogden Nash’s “The Tale of Custard the Dragon”, somewhat political and vitriolic.

    Michelle caught up on the blog this afternoon, freaked out, and said it should never have been published. Rather than water it down I’ve removed it. She apologises on my behalf to anyone who read it …

    If you’re a regular and particularly want to know what I was thinking last night let me know.

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