The Night Before

June 19th, 2005 at 11:01 pm by james

Aah, the night before the morning after a thoroughly engrossing holiday. I enjoy my work, mostly, and am looking forward to it, but would far rather be doing it from my quiet corner of the sitting room. Quite why I’m required to work in an office every day, breathing tepid second-hand air and trying desperately to concentrate through the gradual onset of annoxia is beyond me.

This week promises to be extra special – not only do I have work to look forward to, but Thursday and Friday will be consumed by the Company Away Day. Very nice hotel, very nice company. Do you read You’d also be careful if you did. I’d really rather not have to be away for a piss up at this particular stage of my family’s development. I hope it’s sunny and there’s lots of time to run around outside or sleep under a tree – that’s my kind of away day.

It’s been a brilliant couple of weeks. The trick is going to be maintaining some sort of balance and keeping writing …

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  1. Kerry-b Says:

    Commiserations… Love the word “annoxia”, thanks.

  2. badlard Says:

    I guess you can’t get dooced when you work for herself. Nice site – she is not scared.

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